Discover the science inside Argonne at our May 20 Open House

Discover the science inside Argonne at our May 20 Open House

Calling all science fans! The U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory is opening its doors to the public for one day only: Saturday, May 20, 2023 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Register now for this free event. The Open House will feature a day full of hands-on science and technology exhibits and behind-the-scenes tours of cutting-edge research facilities.

Get up close and personal with Argonne’s diverse scientists, engineers and support staff. Meet with recruiters and find out about jobs at the lab. Learn how many different types of careers work together to change the world.

Visit one or more of our four pavilions. Each will be full of activities to engage you — and your kids — in the questions our researchers work to answer every day, and the science and technology they use to improve lives.

Discover the science inside Argonne at our May 20 Open House
At the Open House you’ll learn how Argonne is helping save the planet, understand our universe, improve public and personal health and create new tools for science research. (Image by Argonne National Laboratory.)

At the Saving Our Planet pavilion, you’ll dive deep into the science and technology that is driving the fight against climate change, helping clean up the environment and building a sustainable world for everyone. Engage with the quest for clean energy, advanced batteries, electric vehicles, better recycling, sustainable fuels and more.

In the Understanding Our Universe pavilion, you’ll explore cosmic mysteries such as the nature of dark matter, how stars are formed, and what the early universe was like. You’ll get to be a particle detective, touch real pieces of particle accelerators, and learn how the ancient art of glassblowing drives the latest science experiments.

Over at Creating the Tools of Science, you’ll experience cutting-edge technology from many angles.  Through games, visualizations and experiments, you’ll explore nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, quantum science, exascale computing and more. Learn how advanced technologies lead to world-changing scientific discoveries, and vice versa!

Woman showing object to people in a laboratory. (Image by Argonne National Laboratory.)
The May 20 Argonne Open House will feature engaging science-focused activities for students, families and adults. (Image by Argonne National Laboratory.)

And in the Improving Public and Personal Health pavilion, you’ll learn how Argonne’s powerful research facilities help scientists understand and treat diseases from cancer to COVID-19, and see the equipment that keeps workers safe.

There’s even more to explore, with numerous behind-the-scenes tours of Argonne’s state-of-the art laboratories and powerful research facilities. Visit Argonne’s enormous Advanced Photon Source used by scientists from around the world. Take a selfie with the brand-new Aurora exascale supercomputer. Tour the ATLAS particle accelerator where the secrets of the universe are investigated. Experience the Smart Energy Plaza where advanced electric vehicle charging is tested, and more.

Students can also visit Argonne’s Learning Center to experience four specially designed hands-on programs, including using artificial intelligence to save the planet through recycling.

Registration is required and space is limited for this rare event. Visit the Argonne Open House website today to learn more and reserve your spot.

Don’t miss this rare chance to spend a day exploring one of the world’s top science labs!