Spring is Peak Severe Weather Season. Prepare Before Disaster Strikes with Wise Food Storage

Spring is Peak Severe Weather Season. Prepare Before Disaster Strikes with Wise Food Storage

Complete 2-Day Emergency Survival Backpack

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, March 8, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Spring marks the peak severe weather season for many parts of the world. In spring, there is often a sharp contrast between cold air masses from the north and warm, moist air masses from the south. When these air masses collide, they can produce storms and severe weather. This week brings continued weather warnings across the United States from heavy snowfall, flooding, and tornadoes. Snowstorms still strand many residents in California mountains since February 28th, with thousands already without power as another round of winter weather heads their way. This is why stocking up beforehand with backup food, water, and a generator can save lives.

Take appropriate precautions to stay safe in severe weather, such as purchasing a backup generator and storing non-perishable food, as many weather-related emergencies lead to power outages. This may include having an emergency plan, staying indoors during storms, and monitoring weather alerts and warnings from local authorities. In the United States, the spring months of March, April, and May are called the “tornado season” because this is the time of year when tornadoes are most likely to occur, particularly in the country’s central and southern parts. Other types of severe weather that can occur during the spring months include thunderstorms, hailstorms, flash floods, and even blizzards in some regions.

Wise Food Storage recommends stocking up on the essentials to stay calm when disaster strikes. They make it easy with their short-term and long-term food solutions by creating emergency food bundles based on the time you want to prepare. As America’s trusted emergency food supplier, they recommend having at least a 1-month supply for each family member. Get prepared with their 30-Day Supply – 2 Bucket Bundle on sale now. These two buckets provide one person with 1,800 calories daily for 30 days. With 298 total servings and 50 grams of protein daily, these healthy and delicious meals will give you an advantage in any emergency. They also have significant savings on bigger bundles like their 3-Month Supply, 6-Month Supply, and 1-Year Supply.

If weather emergencies force evacuation, it’s crucial to have an evacuation kit or bug-out bag ready so one can grab it and transport it quickly. Make sure to add necessary personal items like medications, personal documents, and other supplies like baby formula or extra clothes. Wise Food Storage has convenient pre-packaged survival backpacks perfect for any evacuation scenario. They offer a Complete 2-Day Emergency Survival Backpack with essential emergency items like 20 servings of food, a water filtration bottle, a first-aid kit, a multipurpose flashlight, cooking essentials, and much more (134 Pieces).

Severe weather emergencies and natural disasters can hit anyone at any time. Prepare today with the basics to have peace of mind as spring approaches. Wise Food Storage wants to help families stock up with food, water, and power before the peak of severe weather season hits. To learn more about Wise Food Storage, go to www.wisefoodstorage.com.

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