Lawsuit challenges Ivy refusal to offer athletic scholarships

Lawsuit challenges Ivy refusal to offer athletic scholarships

Vaibhav Sharma, Senior Photographer

The Ivy League’s collective practice of not offering athletic scholarships violates antitrust law, a recent lawsuit filed against all eight Ivies contends.

The class-action suit was brought forth by Tamenang Choh and Grace Kirk — previous and current Brown University basketball players, respectively — on Tuesday. 

Under the “Ivy League Agreement,” all eight member schools agree to neither award athletic scholarships nor compensate educational expenses for the approximately 8,000 student athletes competing across the league. The Ivies do not offer merit scholarships of any kind, a policy which also applies to athletes. This makes Yale and its Ivy peers the only eight of the 350 total Division I NCAA schools to not offer financial awards to exceptional student athletes.

“The Ivy League Agreement has direct anticompetitive effects, raising the net price of education that Ivy League Athletes pay and suppressing compensation for the athletic services they

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