Myths About College | Regent University

Myths About College | Regent University

March 7, 2023

Going to college is a big decision! With all the information about colleges out there, it can be hard to discern what’s true. However, it’s best to think ahead before deciding which college is right for you. Read on to learn myths about college.

1. College is Only for the Academic-Minded

Fact: attending college can increase your knowledge and skills.

While many of these areas of study tend to be academic, you are almost sure to find an area that serves both your interests and your unique skill set.

Through college, you can practice skills like public speaking, craftsmanship, relationship building, and more through your courses. College only being for academically-minded students is just one of the myths about college. Not everything you learn in college is from a textbook.

Regent University offers well-rounded majors in animation, theater, acting, music, leadership studies, Christian ministry, and much

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