Unlocking Resource Archives for College Students

Unlocking Resource Archives for College Students

What has access to over six million resources, online archives and hundreds of thousands of books? It’s the Centennial Library at Cedarville University.

And now these resources are more accessible than ever.

One thing that college students have in common is homework. And the Centennial Library has taken several initiatives to make that process more efficient and effective. Unlocking Resource Archives for College Students

Most notably, Cedarville has installed 32 new research lockers in the lower level of the library. These lockers provide storage space for students to collect intellectual materials for significant, semester-long projects. Now, students can keep some of their resources in the library and not transport them to and from their residence halls.

Students apply for research lockers on the  Centennial Library webpage by going to “Explore Our Services” and “Student Resources.” The lockers are intended for students who are required to complete a major research project, seminar, capstone or independent study project

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