Biology poor show worries scientists

Biology poor show worries scientists

Scientists are calling for urgent action to tackle the crisis in Biology education evidenced in perennial poor performances at both ordinary and advanced levels. Biology is a principal subject that any student wishing to undertake any bioscience course such as medicine, pharmacy, surgery, nursing, and midwifery at tertiary institutions must gain a mastery over.
Yet a dataset of results from both ordinary and advanced levels straddling five years paints a bleak picture of learners not comfortable with the principles of scientific endeavour in Biology.

“If this trend is not addressed, we shall see the enrolment of students into [bioscience] courses go down, hence a reduction in the number of medical professionals,” Prof Arthur Tugume, the Dean of School of Bioscience at Makerere University, told this publication, adding that in that event, “a reduction in the number of medical professionals” is inevitable.

Prof Tugume proceeded to note that ultimately, “institutions will

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